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located in california

compliance is critical

we have permits for both recreational and medical commercial cannabis distribution.

herba connect is permitted for commercial distribution. we will never compromise on compliance.

producers & retailers are required to use a herba connect. we provide a wholly-inclusive system that guarantees ease while still being 100% compliant with all state and local laws.

we hold our employees and partners to a strict standard and have a zero tolerance policy for those who break the rules.

Ways we help you comply...

herba connect performs cannabis testing to guarantee product integrity

you would never take medicine without knowing what's in it right? Herba Connect believes the cannabis industry should be held to the same standard. so we work with a team of scientists to test your cannabis for:

  • Potency & moisture testing

  • Terpenes profiling

  • Pesticide screening

  • Microbiological screening

  • Residual solvents

top of the

line packaging

our top of the line cannabis packaging is your complete packaging solution. as you may already know, california has a number of laws in place regarding packaging that can be difficult to keep up with. and trying to package everything yourself can be a labor-intensive and time-consuming task without the proper equipment.


fortunately, herba connect can meet all of your packaging needs, from design to shipment on packages of all sizes - and we’re 100% compliant with all state and local laws.

herba connect does

more for you

herba connect does

more for you


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